A Place for You

“I am going to prepare a place for you.  And when it is ready, I will come again…”  These words from John 14 spoken by our Lord Jesus on the night before He was crucified are shrouded in mystery.  Where did He go?  What is He doing to prepare that place? Why is it taking so long?

I discovered part of the answer this morning while reading from the Song of Solomon.  In this love story between a woman and her lover, the Church has understood from ages past that it is an allegory of Christ Jesus and His Bride, the Church.  In this story the bridegroom is gone for lengths of time and while He is gone the bride awaits.  There is more in this story than I can write here but here is where John 14, Song of Solomon and the book of Revelation come together to shed light.

In Revelation the “new Jerusalem” is described as a place where the streets are made of pure gold that you can see through.  Obviously this is allegorical language and gold usually represents the product of fiery trials that refine the gold.  Revelation and the gospel accounts make it clear that to be a follower of Christ will mean just that.  Paul says to Timothy, “All who live godly in Christ Jesus SHALL suffer persecution.”

So where is Jesus and what is He doing to prepare those streets of pure gold?  He is orchestrating the circumstances of our lives to work to purify us through all sorts of circumstances.  How this works can be seen in more detail by examining the lives of the saints and the patriarchs.

SO,  in light of all this, when the way is dark and your beloved bridegroom seems far away, lift up your head and look up for your redemption is at hand.  He will not wait one moment longer than necessary so that the times you are now in will result in the perfection of your beauty for all eternity!

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