Every day, every moment of Life is sacred. Yet, without meaning we squander Life. Without knowing this I sought from my teens to find purpose and meaning. I have found that meaning. Discontent in college in my teens I entered the US Air Force. Several months after joining a Bible Study meeting in a home I discovered the Ultimate Purpose to Life in Knowing the Author of Life. In the nearly three decades since that time I left the military realizing clearly another call. After finishing college and seminary I began serving churches as a pastor. In the years since then I have sought to bring every day life and its true meaning together. I am blessed to have found the answers I have sought. They have come and continue to come in the form of these parables and prayers and countess writings over the years. It is my hope that what has been revealed to me through the unmerited generosity of our Creator God will benefit others, like myself, who seek the Grand Purpose of Life!

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  1. Nicely done! Like the ocean scene and the introductory remarks. You should send out an email to your bible study group to let them know they can log on and read. I don’t see a function for how to become a follower. Any idea how this works? My blog has a feature for this.

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