Hidden Treasure


Cover of "The Dark Night of the Soul"

Cover of The Dark Night of the Soul

Hidden Treasure


To those living through significant trauma, pain and darkness can be comforting friends.  This seems a strange thing to say- antithetical really, but consider their impact on us.  They force us to look into ourselves and away from the world.  They pull us away from our familiar surroundings and help us to examine uncharted territory where we may just encounter hidden treasure- the presence of God.  This treasure is never far off, but we seldom look in the right places for it.  Being sequestered by pain and darkness is sometimes a powerful incentive to search for something deeper.  This is often a daunting process,  however.  In our unbelief, we sit longingly near the window searching desperately for some sign of light to escape the darkness.  We cling to each telltale ray seeping between the blinds.  We curse God when His hand brushes us away from the window, never noticing His tears as He does so.  We want so desperately to escape the darkness that we nearly trample the gentle Spirit of Grace whose touch is so light that we can barely sense it brushing against us.


How long must we sit in the darkness before we can see?  How long before we begin to feel and listen?  How long before we surrender to the darkness learn to wait upon the Lord?  How long will we ignore the voices at the door urging us to escape?  Do we have the courage to search for the hidden beauty that awaits discovery behind the thick curtain of darkness?  If we choose to submit, we will find ourselves enveloped by the beauty of the night.  For it is surely there, that our hope is found.  In the solitude of the dark night of the soul- the treasure of God awaits.

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