Plummeting Meteors

Photo of a part of the sky during a meteor sho...

Photo of a part of the sky during a meteor shower over an extended exposure time. The meteors have actually occurred several seconds to several minutes apart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plummeting Meteors

It occurs to me that our lives are somewhat like plummeting meteors. We too are but a bright streak across the night sky burning for the briefest of moments, and then we are gone. Some burn a bit longer, but most are never even discernable. We last not long enough for the world to even be aware of our existence. We are souls streaking through this thing called life.

The good news is that we have been given a remarkable gift from the Creator of earth, sea and sky. From this One who rules the limitless expanses and who established the very principles which govern our plummet through the atmosphere, we receive the gift of suspended laws. No longer shall we burn up in a moment and disappear. Gravity, friction, incineration and impact upon the floor of death are no more. The fraction of a second that was once our lives now stretches into endless life…..

This is the power of Christ. This is the unmerited gift of grace given to every believer. For a world in need, it is faith in Christ which suspends the laws of the universe and releases death’s inescapable pull. We are no more the burning streak destined to disappear in a fraction of a second, but rather, we will free fall into an eternal life that never ends. Amen

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