We live in a world full of more noise than we can even comprehend. Traffic, radio, television, computer games, musical instruments, people speaking, cell phones ringing, dogs barking, clocks ticking, bells ringing- the list is infinite. Even in the quietest moments, there is still no escape from it entirely.

It is difficult to hear the quiet Voice of God in the midst of this noise all around us. Only once knowing the comfort and joy of this familiar voice do we seek it, fleeing all the noise and confusion of this world. This One Voice is gentle and kind. He waits for us to seek Him out in the quiet, and push the incessant noise of our lives away. How easy it is to forget amidst the ever present sights and sounds of this world, the real life giving power of His Still Voice. But in so seeking Him in the stillness, we find the respite we so desperately need. Today make your escape plan. Tune in to Him and turn off the world. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Noise

  1. the noise you speak of has always been a challenge for me. But the loudest noise, and the one most difficult to turn off is the voice in my own head. The incessant thoughts, the voice of the ego which is not my friend, all competing to be in control, to pull me toward the earthly things that really do not matter. I have discovered that when I can turn all of that off, just say no, that is when I am able to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit that dwells within. It has changed the way I pray. I now sit quietly and listen. It is liberating. I am reminded of a favorite saying,”You have an audience with the Supreme Being, and YOU are talking??” Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder to turn off but tune in! Melissa’s mom

    • I am very thankful that these words find meaning. Life is a gift from God. How much more does the Holy One wish for us to feel the fullness of Life. He would then wish to illuminate our darkness, bring order to our confusion, peace to our troubled soul. Thankfully, there is that quiet place where the Spirit is heard. Thankfully, unlike us, He awaits our presence. Amazing! The Holy One, God, One Who Is and Who Was and Who is Alive and Life forevermore. One who hangs the stars in space, fills the universe and holds, upholds all in His Hand. Yet, He waits for us. How this redefines humility, redefines servant hood, redefines humanity, redefines meaning, redefines wholeness. I am thankful for the meaning you have found here. This is the only reason these words exist. They are a gift from God to my soul and the souls of others. It would be sinful not to share them.

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