The Flywheel

Spoked flywheel

Spoked flywheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Flywheel

A flywheel Is a mechanical device with a significant moment of inertia used as a storage device for energy. They allow for movement and motion without power. While this can be a good thing in terms of mechanics, it is less desirable when it comes to our lives.

Sometimes in life we can unknowingly become disconnected from the Supreme Power Source. In spite of this, like the flywheel, we can continue on with our usual activities often times without notice that true power has been lost. The more things that we are able to maintain in this manner, the easier it is to travel down the road of disconnection unconscious of what has actually happened. This is why habits that foster daily dependence on God are helpful because they allow us to immediately recognize that there is a disconnect occurring.

Churches can be a place of disconnection and power apart from God as well. In spite of the appearance of much activity- worship services, meetings, fellowship gatherings, service activities- if these things are done without conscious dependence upon and dedication to God they become activities done purely by momentum rather than by true Power. The problem with this is that momentum will only get you so far. The slightest bit of resistance can bring everything to a screeching halt.

This is why, though many churches appear vibrant, the are in actuality just moving forward on momentum rather than on True Power. Thus when problems or conflict arise, the flywheel begins to fail, and suddenly the fact that the power is gone begins to draw attention. However, the temptation by many is to blame that which stopped the momentum rather than that which caused the disconnect from the Power Source. In reality, problems that illuminate the lack of power can be helpful and instructive. They present an opportunity to change direction, turn away from the current course and turn back to God. For those who love Him, this is the only sure path.

2 thoughts on “The Flywheel

  1. A timely posting considering discussions we have been having regarding goals for the future of our worship service. I also suspect this fits rather well with your upcoming sermon on Sunday! Just a hunch I have…….peace and grace to you this day.

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