Where did I put my leg?

Where did I put my leg?

  PT  “I want my leg back.”

I didn’t exactly lose it.  I just loss some use of it due to an injury.

Eighteen.  That was the number of times I was allowed to have physical therapy.  Very quickly I learned that getting my leg back, or rather the use of it, depended on how well I listened to and followed the direction of the physical therapists at Betsy Johnson Hospital.  Now the physical therapy department there is very, very good, but they can’t perform miracles.  They can understand the problem, diagnose the best solution and direct my exercise.  From there, the rest is up to me and how well I follow their direction.  If I don’t ‘get my leg back’, I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I think everyone wants to live forever.  I know I do.  I have spent the last 41 years of my life studying the Scriptures for I find in them the same kind of direction to find a relationship with God and to grow in that relationship which I find in the physical therapists’ direction for ‘getting my leg back’.

Week after week men and women of God the world over seek to help those whom God sends them ‘get their life back’ or find their life, their true life.  That Life is full, rich and satisfying and is just what God wishes for us.  It is not illusive but easy to find.

In the four weeks after my injury before I began physical therapy I tried to discover the best way to help me ‘get my leg back’.  After beginning work with trained physical therapists I learned that some things I was doing were helping and some things were hurting my progress.  So now I have listened and I have changed.  Now I am getting better day by day.

Like the men and women of God the world over I wish people would listen to spiritual direction from those of us whom God has commissioned, trained and sent into the world to help that world.  I wish the world could understand that just as my failure to listen to and follow the directions of the therapists means that I likely would not heal,  failure to listen to and follow direction in how to find and maintain a healthy relationship with the living God will result in a far worse outcome than just ‘losing your leg’.

If you know you are far away from God’s grace and love you do not have to stay that way.  There are those sent by God to help you find Him and find Life in Him.  Seek them out.  If you will listen and follow Godly direction you will find Life.

Snow and Tornados


Snow and Tornados

    This morning we awakened to a beautiful blanket of newfallen snow shrouding the bleak winter landscape where we have come for a few days.  Although I grew up in the mountains,  I find myself still feeling like a child, excited by the beauty of the snow.  Driving through the darkness, cold and downpouring rain to arrive, the world looked like a very different place from this morning.  The change seems amost miraculous.
About midnight we were awakened by a call from our son, unable to join us, telling us about the tornado which cut a swath of destruction through Morehead City, NC.  Inability to see brought by the darkness of the night and loss of electricity seemed to magnify the condition.
Thinking about these two places, miles apart – and seemingly worlds apart – reminds me of the rapidity in which change can come.
I am reminded of the words of the poet Rudyard Kipling in his classic poem, IF.  “Treat these two imposters just the same.”  The real world is not the world we see, whether shrouded in darkness or beauty.  The real world is the one in which our loving heavenly Father reigns on high with a miriad of angels.  There are no problems in that Kingdom, only plans.
Let us choose to live by faith and trust instead of by sight.  Then our darkness can be transformed to day, and the bleakness of our landscape to a wonderland of beauty.

Random Events?

So Random!

So Random! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Random Events?


I needed to get an early start to the day.  I woke up five minutes before the alarm.  Before departure there was my physical therapy routine for my injured knee, shower and shave, breakfast, conversation around the table.  I wanted to get away by 7:00.  The conference I was to attend started at 8:30.  I had never been to this location in the research triangle.  I needed to consider morning traffic, potential accidents and all the rest.
While traffic was lighter than I anticipated, some places I was a bit over the speed limit of 70 and other places I was going 35 mph in a 70 zone.  But now here I was pulling into my destination having been unsure of which building was the correct one.  There were several parking lots and I didn’t know which one to use.
I pulled into a parking lot with only one car at the far end.  I parked close to the machine which would issue the parking permit for the allotted time of the meeting I was to attend all day.
At the very moment, to the second, I finished paying parking and received my ticket, I saw the occupants of the other car walking up.  I recognized them as three of the leaders for the days’ workshop.
Reflecting on this later, I became lost in wonder.
For me the morning was full of all those ‘random’ events of the morning routine.
Yet in the moment I saw those leaders arrive at the precise second I was ready to leave the parking lot, I became aware of planning far beyond my petty human ability.  In the midst of my morning I became aware of a great Hand present, guiding my path in a magnificent way. Along my way, the events had seemed random.  But to the One who has promised, “I will be with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) nothing had been random.
How foolish we are not to trust our hopes, dreams, and our very life to this amazing, capable, powerful, caring, loving, thoughtful, planning God!

Oil Change

English: Australian 1962 Ford Falcon XL

English: Australian 1962 Ford Falcon XL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oil Change

160.002 miles on one and 113,500 miles are on the other.  It used to be every 3,000 miles but now I use synthetic oil and so changing the oil every 5,000 miles seems to work.  I once owned a 1965 Ford Falcon that had over 250,000 miles when I sold it.  As they say, the cheapest car you can get is the one you already have.

In less than six years Hugh and Tammy Pennington have driven their 2006 Silverado more than a million miles.  Irv Gordon’s 1966 Volvo passed the 3 million mile mark in July of this year.  He never ignores an odd sound, changes his oil every 3,000-3,500 miles, and generally babies that car.

My father’s 1938 Desoto was still running in 1972 and I can’t say if it still does.  I do know one thing though:  One day that 2006 Chevy, 1966 Volvo. 1938 Desoto and all the rest will stop running and end up in an automotive ‘graveyard’.

We too will all one day be there.  There has been no end of discussion in our nation over what has come to be called “obomacare”.  Instead of joining the fray, I would rather add this:  No matter how good or how bad, how cheap or how expensive our care is one day we too will stop running.  No matter how well we eat, how regular our checkups or how healthy our weight, we will one day end up in the graveyard as well.

Instead of fussing and worrying about whether or not I can get a million or three million miles on my car, I do the best I can but focus on the job at hand made possible by my 2004 Honda Civic.  Instead of fussing so much over healthcare laws perhaps we might make more progress by using the health we have to do the most good we can for as long as we can.  Whether we get 40, 60, 80 or even 100 years out of our bodies, the sights we see, the people and places we visit, the good that is done and the memories made are what counts.  May God grant us strength, purpose for living, light in our eyes and life in our heart all of days whether many or few.