Thy Kingdom Come…

Perhaps more unconsciously than consciously, I have been complaining to the Lord about President Trump.

Why him?!

Why now?!

He seems to be the worst possible person to lead our nation in  times like this.  He is moving us and the whole world deeper and faster into catastrophe!

Then, this morning as I go to God, the Truth becomes clear.  It is True – God’s Word – which tells us that leaders, nations, borders and history cannot be who or what they are without God.

It is the world in us that wants peace and prosperity in this world and in this life at any cost.  But this is not possible.  The seeds of the earth’s and our destruction were sewn in the Garden of Eden.  What God has done in Christ Jesus was and is to save us out of this world and place us back into that undisturbed Garden. (Revelation 21 – 22)

On order for His Kingdom to come, which we pray together Sunday after Sunday, His Word must be fulfilled.  How God deals with nations and their leaders is a story told often throughout the pages of the Old Testament. President Trump does not do these things on his own.  He is a catalyst causing the terrible agents of sin and rebellion which thrive in darkness like cockroaches to emerge into the open carrying their deadly pestilence into the world to ravage it.  President Trump does not know what he is doing but he is a willing pawn in the clutches of darkness and is unknowingly expediting the coming eternal kingdom of Messiah Jesus.

Like a grand renovation project, before His Kingdom can come, the old kingdom of this world and all its ways must be demolished.

Peace!  Be still!  Know that I alone am God!  I work and no mortal or spirit can prevent or impede what I do.  Thus says the Lord our God.  Amen.

One thought on “Thy Kingdom Come…

  1. Oh Thanks! It is so good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well..Patty Brisdin

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