A few days ago as I was beginning my day I wondered how all the obligations could fit together.  I was working on paperwork in the morning, needed to deliver a Christmas


tree in the early afternoon and be back home by 4:30 to meet someone who wanted to purchase some old barn wood from me.  I said to God.  I cannot do all this in a timely way.  I need your help.

Within a few minutes of this prayer I was called, the tree delivery was moved up to right then.  Be at the State Farmer’s Market as soon as I could get there.  I thought, “What a prompt answer!”  Then, getting to downtown I ran into a traffic jam as the Christmas parade had just ended.  What should have been a trip of 20 minutes took closer to 2 hours!  But I decided not to doubt God’s answer and used that time to talk with my Father.

It took much longer to deliver the large 14 foot tree as we had to carry it up steps, put it in a stand and set it upright.  Again I wondered how God was going to work it all out.  By the time I was on my way home it was 3:17 and I figured I had plenty of time.  Then I saw a text message that said they would arrive early, at 3:30 instead of 4:30.  By this time I was clearly seeing the hand of God in all this and I was sure that I would see their arrival just at the right time.  Sure enough, just as I finished moving something out-of-the-way and uncovering the wood, at that exact moment they arrived.

And the people buying the wood were missionaries and we shared Christ for an hour.

What I learned anew from this is that only when we invite God into our problems and challenges with persevering faith in the face of circumstances which might cause us to doubt, will we witness the almighty Hand of God.

Church Growth

33577_article_fullThree years ago this Thursday, I stood outside our home in Wake Forest pondering my future as I was to leave pastoral ministry in a few days and begin several years of disability leave.  I asked God, “Are You done with me now?”

In the next moment I looked up to the sky and immediately over our house, as if resting right on top of it was a full, complete TRIPLE Rainbow!  I have never before or since seen anything like it.  I immediately spoke again to my Father, “Well, I guess that is my answer!”

There was nothing in my circumstances that should have indicated that, as I believed in that moment, my best years of ministry were still ahead.  I was 62 years old and ending my 26 year career of being a pastor in the United Methodist Church.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross His few followers all fled to their homes and except for His mother, John the disciple and a few other women, He was left alone…. even by God!

Yet in more than two thousand years since no life before or since has had such a profound effect on humanity as His “One Solitary Life”.

What accounts for this?  What God did in resurrecting His lifeless body from the grave and pouring out His Holy Spirit on all who believe.

Last Sunday I preached and led a worship service for the first time in almost four years.  There were about 12 people present and all of them past the age of 65.  Yet I felt full of hope and joy.  I saw in their eyes Life as a result of hearing anew and afresh the Good News of God in Jesus Christ.

It is never what WE do that matters.  It is what God is able to do because of our sacrificial gift of ourselves in believing obedience to the one, living, true God.