The God of Broken Toilets

img_20180618_105933408Although I have a pattern in my morning devotions, usually reading from the Book of Common Prayer, I also prayerfully open the Bible at “random” to hear God speak.  This morning I did the latter and opened to Ephesians 6:10-18 where Paul describes the “whole armor of God”.

After reading this text I needed to go the church my wife and I attend where I have volunteered to be the church “handyman” for the preschool wing.  I don’t check my email regularly but happened upon one yesterday afternoon asking me if I could fix a broken toilet in the lady’s room in that area.  It was a simple problem and didn’t take long to fix but as I was cleaning things up to leave I noticed the framed scripture verse over the toilet.   I was amazed when I looked at it (pictured above)  I had to take a picture of it, the exact words I had just read before going.  Now I have walked with the Lord now for close to half a century and have many times experienced how God shows Himself in the little things of life but I am always joyfully amazed.  I had to share it with someone!

What does this tell us about God?  How was He able to turn the pages of my Bible, cause just that toilet to break,  see that someone would contact me and that I would see it and… the list goes on.  What does this tell us about God’s Presence and Power all around us?  If we are unaware of these things or if we do not believe them, what does that say about us?