Choose Life!

“They have become like us, knowing both evil and good.  What if they reach out and take from the tree of life and live forever?”

These words from Genesis 3:22 tell us that to be made in the image of God is to be able to choose between good and evil.  So why did God withdraw His offer to eat freely from the tree of life?  God put a guard to the garden of Eden to keep us from it.

We demonstrated in that choice to eat from the forbidden tree that given the choice between good and evil we will choose evil.  God did not remake us so we could only choose good.  Or did He?

Yes!  In saving us and remaking us in the image of Jesus the Son we are given, as Jeremiah put it, “a heart of flesh”.  May we yield to the Spirit of God and let ourselves be remade, day by day, into someone who when given the choice, does what is right no matter what.

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