Dog Catcher


As I came to the second church to preach Sunday this dog was waiting.  I preached from Exodus chapters 1-40 emphasizing the fact that only a few of the thousands who were freed from slavery in Egypt actually entered the land they had been promised, “flowing with milk and honey.

Having preached on this subject at two services I was discouraged because it seemed that no one really understood or accepted the idea that Christianity is a journey and that eternal rest is the result of a faith that chooses to follow Jesus Christ over a lifetime.

img_20190609_130117507-1Leaving this second church the dog was still there.  As I approached her I noticed her right front leg seemed to be injured or broken and that she was skinny as a rail.  I tried to go to her but she just ran and hid from me.  I made the 10 mile trip into town twice to get food, water, a collar, lead and even rope to capture her.  After several hours I finally and with sorrow and concern for her well-being abandoned my efforts.  I left messages with animal control and sadly drove away.

This morning, during a time in prayer I understood.  I was disheartened after the first service and even more after the second.  In that dog God was showing me that the problem was not my preaching or the Word of God.  The problem was their running away and hiding from the Truth which had the power to set them free!

Today I am still saddened and grieve because of their rejection.  But I am amazed at how God, understanding my need, was showing me in a way I would never forget that how He feels WITH ME the sorrow of rejected grace.