Messages for Children

Understanding Blindness

Children are so mold-able!  Bringing insight to a child affects them in great ways.  Like shooting an arrow, a small change in aim can completely change its destination.

Today the Scripture is John 9.  In this passage a man is healed of his blindness.  But spiritual blindness is far more difficult to heal and far more serious.

I will have the children stand and close their eyes.  I will ask them if they are ready to run, as fast as they can, around the sanctuary.  I am anticipating that they will not be willing to do so!  Yet we willingly dash about our days and lives with just as much sight.  We wonder why we “run into things”.  The most important part of any day is the correction of our spiritual eyesight.  Our Lord understood the great dangers and our blindness.  When He wept at the tomb of Lazarus I think it must have been because of the woeful blindness of even those closest to Him.

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