Wanted: A car with a 400 gallon gas tank.

Want Ad: In search of a car with a 400 gallon gas tank. Call me quick!Image

  I can’t find a car with a 400 gallon gas tank!  If I wished to travel from Dunn, NC to Barstow, CA, the western end of I40, I would need that much gas.  Traveling I40 it would take 196 gallons of gas (assuming 25 mpg) to travel the 2,465 miles.  However, calculating the weight of 196 gallons of gas at 6 pounds per gallon, that adds 1,182 pounds of weight to carry.  I figure that will reduce the mileage so that an extra 200 gallons will be necessary for the round trip.  But I can’t find a car with a 400 gallon gas tank anywhere!
   Betsy, my wife suggested (stiffing laughter) that I would be much better off assuming that I could stop along the way as my tank neared empty and fill up with gas.   What a brilliant idea!  
    By now you must think I am the dumbest traveler in the world.  Doesn’t everyone understand that cars are built assuming a nationwide network of gas stations to refill the tank?

   We understand that no destination of great distance on the American road can be reached without stopping to refill our tank.  In the same way our wise heavenly Father knows every need in each new day.  He understands our need for rest, nourishment, shelter, companionship and love.
   Jesus tells us, “Look at the birds.  They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them.  And you are far more valuable to Him than they are.”  (Matthew 6:26-27)
   As surely as we don’t need to wear our cars out hauling around a ton of gasoline, we don’t need to wear ourselves out hauling around a ton of tomorrow’s worries!