“Prom? Yes”?!

English: Duluth box car number 18052 on displa...

English: Duluth box car number 18052 on display at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom. Photo by Sean Lamb (User:Slambo), October 10 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Prom? Yes”

That’s what the train said.  It was early this morning.  On my way down Cumberland to have breakfast and prepare for the day ahead, I heard the sound of an oncoming train.  Just before I reached the crossing, lights flashing red, the barricade dropped, blocking my path.  One, two, three, four engines headed up the slowly moving freight train.
This is gonna be a while I thought.  What to do?  I started counting the cars but soon lost count.   I began trying to read the sides as one by one the graffiti embellished cars rolled past.  Were these graphic displays the work of gangs, an attempt to create art, or something else?  Then it caught my eye.  Amidst the graffiti on the side of the boxcar I could clearly make out, “Prom? Yes”.
I understood that.  A question.  From whom?  Was the yes an answer or was it a hoped for response?  I thought, “Why, in this age of seemingly unlimited means of wireless communication was the side of a box car used?”
We are told that the amount of information competing for our attention has doubled in ten years to something like 35 GB of data.  We are not built to process that much and the overload takes a toll on us. If we are going to pay attention then the communicator better do something special!
Golden skies, billowing clouds, autumn leaves, soft new fallen snow, the tiniest peep of a newborn chick, the cry of our own new baby, the anguished cry of His Son dying for all of us.  No one would or could have done more to get our attention.  Are we listening?

Talking Heads

Talking Heads

They speak with such eloquence. A team of busy ants working behind the scenes puts together, with great care and experience, every sound bite and graphic in order to convince us of the correctness or the incorrectness of each issue they are addressing.

Little by little these modern day TV evangelists who start our day have convinced us that everything is either right or wrong (depending on the political leanings of their particular network) and as long as we buy the products of their advertisers and live within the boundaries of political correctness all is well.

If, over time, we allow ourselves to be lulled by the sound of their perfectly modulated voices, their perfect coifs and clothing, and their slick presentation of the “facts” we may find that we have gradually lost the ability to think for ourselves.

Be wary of those who would shape your world view. What world are they referring to? Certainly this one, not the next. Their overreaching, overarching concern is always and only for the things of this world. As such, there is no concern for the fact that each and every last one of us stands condemned before a Holy God. In fact- their mission is to convince us that such a belief is pure nonsense. They drone on and on day in and day out, and if we are not careful, we find that their secular world view has replaced our Biblical one. With out lifting a finger Satan has driven The Gospel from our hearts and minds with the assistance of the smooth, practiced smiley faces of morning news network anchors. These purveyors of political correctness, demopublicans who proffer meditations on nothingness, have stolen the righteousness born only of God from or hearts and replaced it with a world view without purpose, without passion, and without praise. Where will we turn the next time the towers fall?