Sitting on God’s Lap

This morning while I was sitting quietly before the Lord, out cat Pixel came to sit in my lap.  She would sit for a little while and delight in being there.  Then up she would go to pull a tissue out of the box or check out an African violet, then back to my lap.  I enjoyed her being in my lap and I also delighted in her curiosity as she explored our little world inside our home.

Then my eyes were opened to see that as she was in my lap, so I was in the lap of God.  I was being a delight to God as I just rested there.  As my mind wandered about I think God also loved my curiosity and exploration of His created world.

God allowed me in that moment to share His Feelings that He had through my own feelings about our cat Pixel.  In what ways is God showing you His heart and feelings today?

One thought on “Sitting on God’s Lap

  1. Hi Joe,
    Nice to get your P & Ps for today. I always enjoy. Hope you are doing well.
    Take care! Love, Renee

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